Cooling with ice

Koelen met ijs

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Fresh without dehydration

Cooling with ice is an excellent way to keep a product fresh without the risk of dehydration. Through the process of melting ice the heat is extracted from the product. It is important to know how your product should be cooled. Because some products should not get too moisty, while others are prone to freeze burns. 

Ice makers

Ice machines are suitable when cold contact is desired, or when it is useful to have the product moisturized. Ice cooling is used in many industries, such as the food industry and the medical sector.Vink Koeltechniek has over 30 years of experience in cooling with flake ice and crushed ice, and advises each customer in finding the best ice cooling solution.

Vink delivers high-quality ice machines

Vinks sells only the top brands in industrial and commercial ice machines, with well-known brand names such as Gene Glace, Buus, Scotsman, Staff, Ziegra and Manitowoc. Please contact us for free advice in finding the ice maker that best suits your product.

The solution

Scale ice machine
Scale ice or subcooled flake ice is -7°C and is also called dry ice or crushed ice called because it is 99% frozen. It consists of dry ice fragments of 2 to 3 mm thick and about 3-4 inches tall. Application: Fish and meat processing, transportation, agriculture, laboratories and medical, wellness and hospitality industry.

Flake ice machine
Flake ice is also referred to as 'wet ice', and has a temperature between -1°C and 0 °C. It is 70-80% frozen which makes it more easy to push it in a form. It is cheaper than flake ice. Application: Fresh fish, food processing, display and cling buffets, medical sector and butchery.

Top brands only
Vink Koeltechniek supplies only the highest quality ice machines with brands such as: Gene Glace, Buus, Scotsman, Staff, Ziegra and Manitowoc. Additionally Vink can also offer a variety of options when it comes to storage and transportation with ice.