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Flake ice

Flake ice is also referred to as ‘wet ice', and has a temperature between -1 °C and 0°C. As it is frozen for 70-80% it is easy to push it in a form. It is cheaper than scale ice and is mainly used to keep products fresh, like in fish processing, fruit display cases and food buffets, but also in the medical sector and the wellness industry.

Best brands

Vink supplies only the best brands of flake ice machines such as Scotsman, Staff, Ziegra and Manitowoc. Click here for an overview of our flake ice machines.


flake ice machines are usually supplied ready for use with an air-cooled condenser. Connecting is as easy as connecting a washing machine. In addition, most types are also available with a water-cooled condenser. The larger models are also available in an optional split design so the compressor and condenser can be placed outdoors or in an engine room


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