Deep freezing room


Reliable in quality

High quality freezers

Vink provides reliable freezers and cold stores of high quality. To make sure that your freezer does what it should do, and will continue to do so. With Vink's advice, service and maintenance plan, you will not be confronted with negative surprises. Each company is unique and has specific needs related to the freezing of his product. Eighty percent of the refrigeration technology that is delivered by Vink , is customized.

Viessmann freezer

Vink delivers Viessmann that guarantee high quality and German thoroughness. The Viessman freezers are available in various sizes and capabilities are very extensive.

Cold store

It is also possible to build according to your own measurements. A cold store Vink has extensive experience in building cold stors of using industrial panels Isocab. This Belgian brand is a good alternative for Viessmann. It is more economical and is particularly used for cell construction and building of warehouses and cold stores. The opportunities for building such a cold store using the industrial panels of the Belgian brand Isocab are endless.

Unique cooling solution

Whatever your need in refrigeration, Vink focuses on finding a unique refrigeration solution that fits your product and company. Vink is happy to advise you which cold storage and refrigeration technology best suits your product.