Customized refrigerated furniture

Maatwerk RVS vitrine voor groente en fruit

100% perfection in custom-made refrigeration cabinets and market cars


Vink Koeltechniek is specialized in making customized refrigeration cabinets, whether it be refrigerators, freezers, refrigerated trucks, freezers or displaycases.

In-house construction

Vink provides high-quality customized cooling units for refrigerated wine or cheese, workbenches, cold rooms, refrigerated counters, cold rooms, freezer rooms and cooling displays. Each cooling unit is custom-made in our own workshop, making it easy to realize specific adjustments. Vink has extensive experience in designing custom refrigeration cabinets and market cars, and therefore offers many possibilities:

• Exact dimensions as desired by the customer 
• Multiple doors possible
• Implementation to your liking in STAINLESS STEEL or other material
• Mobile refrigeration cabinets on wheels or pallet frames possible
• Energy- efficient cooling installations

Market Cars

The market cars produced by Vink Koeltechniek are 100% customized, based on the needs and wishes of the client.

The Market topper

The 'Market Topper' is a competitively priced, broadly applicable market car with a sleek look and good cooling. This 'mobile showcases' are ideal for selling meat, fish, fruits and dairy products. Because the Market Topper is a standard product, it can be delivered quickly. Some specific features and options at a glance:

• Fully galvanized chassis.
• Up hinged windows.
• Plate Cooling and rear coil.
• Available with or without hypothermia.
• Length of 380 cm display case and retractable drawbar total length + / - 420 cm
• width of 140 cm.
• Comes standard with a canvas cover for transport.
• Some options:
• Canvas for roof and optional side panels.
• Hypothermia.
• Fully stainless steel finishing of the panels.

The 'Markovan'

The 'Markovan' is a widely applicable market car. By using awnings it has the feel and look of a store. The car itself serves as a counter and is suitable for selling fresh products like egg, fish, meat, nuts, cheese, dairy, chicken and non-food. A 'Markovan' is the perfect mix between building up and breaking down quickly, yet it is easily accessible and provides good customer contact. Some specific features and options at a glance:

• Fully galvanized chassis
• The structure is made to your own requirements and needs (size, format, number of valves etc.)
• Display case with or without cooling, with flat or round windows
• Impressive slide presentation via a striking light box
• Up to eight meters without mullion
• Billboard on the valve at customer side.

The Sales Car 

The sales vehicle is a car with a great market look and feel. It has a durable chassis and is a elegant and solid car built with exceptionally strong pull showcases. The car can be used for many products like fish, meat, nuts, cheese, dairy, chicken and snack industry. The seller can comfortably stay inside the car. Some specific features and options at a glance:
• Entirely put together according to your own requirements and wishes
• Fully galvanized chassis
• Lightweight insulating walls
• The (cooling) display is fully manufactured in-house
• Running gear for sliding out the display case. Optionally equipped with a motor
• Cooling of freezing installations at rear end are possible
• Billboard on the valve at the customer side
• Fry-Wall system, wall furniture, hot and cold water: anything is possible!


  • Maatwerk wijnkoeler
  • Maatwerk koelvitrine op marktwagen
  • Maatwerk koelbox op wagen
  • Maatwerk koelbox met deur mobiel