Cold rooms panels and doors

Deze gang is voorzien van enkele ramen zodat goed overzicht en veilige werkplekken gerealiseerd worden. Tevens is het doorlaten van daglicht een belangrijke factor voor een aangenaam werkklimaat.

Constructing cold stores with Isocab panels and doors

Constructing cold storage rooms 

Vink has extensive experience in building cold storage rooms using industrial panels from Isocab. This Belgian brand is a good alternative to Viessmann. It is more economical and is primarily used for the construction of walk in refrigerators or cold warehouses. The possibilities for building a cold store using the industrial panels of the Belgian brand Isocab are endless.

Isocab cooling panels

The Isocab IND Panel is an insulated sandwich panel based on PUR or PIR that is produced on a continuous line. The specially designed tongue and groove joints make this panel very suitable for application in projects where temperature control and hygiene are extremely important. The panel is consolidated in an invisible way (by foamed omega profiles). The Isocab IND panel provides excellent thermal performance for different applications.

Characteristics of Isocab cooling panels:

• Excellent thermal properties by PUR or PIR core
• good tauten results as both sides are made of galvanized steel sheets
• building width 1180 mm Construction width 1180mm
• Suitable for vertical or horizontal mounting
• Suitable for interior wall/exterior wall/ceiling
• Suitable for flat roof with extra waterproof cover (e.g. PVC foil)
• Fire resistance of 40 min at IND 120 with PIR core.
• Fire resistance of 68 min at IND 200 with PIR core

Constructing your own cold storage?

Would you like to construct a cold storage room or refrigerated warehouse using Isocab cooling panels? Please contact Vink for an offer without engagements.