Reliable chiller rooms

High quality cold stores

Vink provides reliable cold stores and walk in refrigerators of high quality. Vink understands how important it is for you that your cold store will do what it was made for. With the advice, service and maintenance of Vink you will not encounter any unpleasant surprises. Every company is unique and has specific needs related to the cooling of their product. That is why eighty percent of the refrigeration technology that Vink delivers is custom-made according to the wishes of the customer.

Viessmann cold storage rooms 

Vink is supplier of the excellent chiller rooms of Viessmann. By using this brand you will enjoy their high quality and German thoroughness. The Viessman coldrooms are available in various dimensions and the installation options are extensive.

Refrigerated warehousing with Isocab

It is also possible to construct a cold storage building or refrigerated warehouse according to your own measurements. Vink has extensive experience in building cold rooms using industrial panels from Isocab. This Belgian brand is a good alternative for Viessmann. It is cheaper and is primarily used for the construction of walk in refrigerators or cold warehouses. The possibilities for building a cold store using the industrial panels of the Belgian brand Isocab are endless.

Unique refrigeration solutions

Whatever your need in refrigeration, Vink focuses on finding a unique refrigeration solution that fits your product and company.
Vink Refrigeration will be pleased to advise you what cold storage and refrigerative solution will best fit your product. 


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