For construction projects and turnkey completions

Reliable partner 

Vink is a reliable partner to contractors, kitchen fitters and electrical installers who are dealing with larger projects that also need refrigeration. Whether it is about constructing a refrigerated area or installing a cooling system, air conditioning or a restaurant, Vinks refrigeration specialists will gladly relieve you and help you to find the most efficient refrigeration solution for your project. 

Innovative and cost effective

Vink Refrigeration can be hired for construction projects and turnkey completions, where solutions for refrigeration and heating are required. Thinking along with the plans for new construction or renovation projects makes it possible to search for innovative solutions that will save costs. Vink is a flexible and hands-on company who works swiftly and fulfils the promises made. Vink is a reliable business partner when it comes to finishing a construction project.

Pleasant cooperation

Vink is flexible and reliable and is committed to achieve the best results. On top of that, Vink is always looking for the most suitable refrigeration solution which is not only good for the environment but also energy efficient. Heat recovery systems and other innovative solutions ensure the satisfaction of the end-user satisfaction. Vink values greatly to clear and open communication, flexibility, and the fulfilment of commitments. The installers can be called upon up to the last moment and they strive for the highest quality.

Turnkey solutions

Vink is experienced in providing turnkey solutions. This overall approach will minimize the construction costs. In the same way you can save on operational costs because the various technical installations will connect perfectly and therefore be used as efficiently as possible. There exists a close cooperation with various specialists and installers who all reach for the best end result. Also can be considered whether the project qualifies for subsidies if using innovative and environment-friendly solutions for refrigeration and heat recovery systems. Please contact us for more information.