Export and Development


International Refrigeration

Production sites in foreign countries

A large part of the Dutch economy runs on international trade and export. More and more Western companies have moved their production sites to low-cost countries where their factories require reliable refrigeration. Vink is a qualified partner for international business.

Extensive international experience

Vink Refrigeration has already supplied cooling installations in Asia, Russia, Africa and Europe, and has extensive international experience in the implementation of refrigeration solutions abroad.

External conditions

External conditions can have major influence on the placed coldroom or freezer. For that reason, we take into account the different circumstances in foreign countries, so that the cooling may continue to function optimally.

Available spare parts

Another risk for placement of refrigeration equipment abroad is that spare parts are difficult to obtain. Vink understands how important cooling is for the continuation of the production process and therefore only uses commonly available parts.

International delivery of refrigeration

In case of placement of a coldroom abroad, the whole project can be prepared and made ready for operation in the factory of Vink. Of course the installation will be made ready for export and is custom-made according to the requirements of the customer.


The whole process of transportation and export can also be arranged by Vink Refrigeration. Whether it comes to delivery ex works (EXW) or delivery cost insurance and freight (CIF), Vink is flexible in working with the different possibilities of international delivery (Incoterms).

A selection of international deliveries made

• A freezer for Guinea-Bissau was prepared in the Netherlands and shipped ready for installation.
• Two cold stores for a ship in China were customized in the Netherlands, and delivered ready to plug in.
• In Somalia several coldrooms were delivered to a Dutch foundation who initiated a fishing project.
• In Copenhagen a cold storage for fruits and vegetables was built for a Danish vegetable wholesale business.
• In Moscow a cold store and deep-freezing room were installed at a Dutch government agency.